first-island trading

Some people would like to trade on the stock markets like the NYSE or NASDAQ but don’t because they feel they do not have enough capital to start but if they really want to start trading, they could always start with penny stocks as they do not require much capital at all. Penny stocks are shares in small companies which, like the bigger companies, need to raise capital but because they are small, their shares are worth less and considered to be too cheap to be featured in the main stock exchanges. As their name implies, these smaller valued shares often cost only pennies and so you can start trading these with just a few dollars to start with and hopefully, if you become proficient and start to make a profit, grow your investment until you can eventually invest in the larger stock markets. Not all successful penny traders though, switch to the larger stock markets instead they remain in the penny stock investments and have gone on to become penny stock millionaires. In all, though, it is considered that only 10% of people that start to invest in penny stocks actually make a profit which means that 90% will lose their investments. It is perhaps for this reason that some people have referred to penny stock investing as more of a gamble than investing in regular shares. One of the reasons why this type of investing is considered a gamble is because unlike the companies on the larger stock markets, which are governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), these small companies can trade their stocks without any governing body presiding over them. This means that whilst larger companies must give out information about themselves for potential investors to look at, the smaller companies have no such obligation, meaning those investors are often investing “blind’ as to what the company they invest in is doing. As these penny stocks do not appear on the large stock markets, you may wonder how to buy penny stocks but although you can buy them on your own, you are probably best advised to find a stock broker that deals in penny stocks as although not all of them do, there are still plenty that do. Penny stock investing is not for everyone as it is perhaps a gamble to some extent but if you are genuinely interested in trading on the larger stock markets, it may be a way to make the extra money you need to step up to those. Most people that have profited by penny stock investing say that they choose a strategy and follow that strategy but are often shy about divulging exactly what that strategy may be. However, a strategy is probably a good idea and just hope that your chosen strategy works but it is considered by many that, only trading less than 10% of your total stocks each day, should be part of the strategy you choose and who knows, you may end up owning shares in a company that becomes the next huge corporation.

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